Salt: How Does Salt Impact Your Body’s Insulin Sensitivity?

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Salt affects your body’s insulin sensitivity by altering cellular processes, potentially leading to reduced insulin effectiveness. Low salt intake may weaken the body’s response to insulin, affecting blood sugar regulation and energy levels.

Salt, like the one we sprinkle on our food, is super important for our body. It helps keep the balance of water inside and outside our cells just right. If we don’t have enough salt, our cells might get too full of water and burst, or they might shrink if there’s too much salt outside them.

Salt also helps move important stuff like sodium and chloride in and out of our cells. These things help our nerves work, our muscles move, and keep our blood pressure steady.

Imagine our cells are like houses, and salt is the key to opening the doors. It helps let good things in and gets rid of the stuff we don’t need. And sometimes, salt even helps push things in and out of cells, like a tiny super helper.

So, salt is like a tiny hero in our body, making sure everything works just right!
Diets with low levels of salt can weaken the body’s sensitivity toward insulin.

Imagine your body is like a car, and insulin is the key that helps the fuel (sugar) get into the car (your cells) so they can work properly.

Now, if you eat too little salt, it can make your body not listen very well to insulin. It’s like the car’s door is a bit stuck, so even if you have the key (insulin), it doesn’t work very well.

When insulin sensitivity decreases, your body may experience issues such as elevated blood sugar levels, akin to a car failing to start when its door is jammed.

That’s not good because it can make you feel tired, thirsty, and not so great.

So, eating too little salt can mess up how your body uses insulin, which is important for keeping your blood sugar levels in check and making sure you have the energy to do all the fun things you want to do!

Sea Salt

Benefits of Sea Salt include; relief from arthritis, muscle cramps, psoriasis, osteoarthritis, and acne.  In addition, it is useful in improving the electrolytic balance of the body, helps maintain the acid-alkali ratio, and provides relief from fatigue.  The geographical region where sea salt is gathered also contributes to the conditions that make it easily utilized and absorbed by the body.

Celtic Sea Salt

The Celtic method of collecting salt is entirely by hand, using only wooden tools. It has no harmful chemicals or additives.  Celtic sea salt helps to regulate blood sugar and reduces the body’s dependency on insulin. Eighty-two essential trace nutrients are found in sea salt, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromide, chloride, iron, copper, zinc, and fluoride.

Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt is known for its rejuvenating properties.  It can be added to a bath or used to gargle with. It also helps to reduce inflammation, remove dead skin cells, increase blood circulation, tone and renew skin, and remove toxins.

Why not refined salt (table salt)?

Table salt undergoes extensive processing, including iodization, bleaching, and the addition of anti-caking agents to prevent clumping. Additional processing steals all the beneficial minerals and trace elements except sodium.

It is important to understand the minerals contained in sea salts and not all have the same minerals, taste, and possible usage. Below is a table with some suggestions and flavor profiles.

Pay close attention to the health benefits. Which ones are best to add a dash to your bottled water? Try Himalayan Pink and Hawaiian Red. The Himalayan Pink is also good for balancing electrolytes.

Sea Salt TypeColorMineralsTasteHealth BenefitsUsage Suggestions
HimalayanPinkIron, potassium, magnesiumMildly salty with a hint of sweetnessRich in minerals, supports: hydration and electrolyte balanceCooking, seasoning, bathing, exfoliating
Dead SeaWhiteMagnesium, calcium, potassiumSalty with a slightly bitter flavorPromotes skin health, soothes muscle aches, improves circulationBathing, skincare, relaxation
CelticGrayCalcium, magnesium, potassiumSalty with a subtle mineral flavorSupports digestion, balances electrolytes, boosts immunityCooking, seasoning, pickling, preserving
Fleur de SelOff-whiteMagnesium, potassium, calciumDelicate and slightly floralRich in minerals, supports: hydration and electrolyte balanceFinishing dishes, salads, desserts
HawaiianRedIron oxide, calcium, magnesiumSalty with a hint of sweetnessRich in iron, supports immune function, promotes hydrationCooking, grilling, seasoning, marinating
MaldonWhiteCalcium, magnesium, potassiumLight and clean with a crisp textureAdds texture and flavor, enhances dishes, aids digestionFinishing dishes, salads, chocolates, caramels
Black SeaBlackSulfur, magnesium, calciumEarthy and slightly smokyRich in sulfates, aids digestion, supports detoxificationSeasoning, finishing dishes, garnishing

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