Blue Light Special & Weight Loss

blue light from the sun and weight loss

The Importance of Blue Sunlight in Weight Loss

Scientists have discovered that the sun’s rays, particularly blue sunlight, can help shrink fat cells below your skin’s surface. Studies show that people often gain weight during winter despite their efforts to lose it. One reason for this winter weight gain is the lack of sunlight.

How Blue Sunlight Works on Fat Cells

  1. Exposure to Blue Light: Blue sunlight affects the white fat cells under the skin. These white fat cells burn brown fat cells deeper inside the body. This process helps reduce the dangerous brown fat that surrounds your organs.
  2. Vitamin D Production: Sunlight stimulates the body to produce vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 can help with weight loss by changing how fat cells are stored and formed and by boosting serotonin and testosterone levels.
  3. White Fat Burns Brown Fat: White fat cells burn brown fat cells. Brown fat breaks down blood sugar (glucose) and fat molecules to create heat and help maintain body temperature.

How Long Should You Be in the Sun?

While we don’t yet know the exact intensity and duration of sunlight needed, getting about 20-30 minutes of sunlight daily can be beneficial. Morning sunlight exposure is particularly effective as it reduces appetite and lowers body weight.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

  1. Sunlight Exposure: Spend about 20-30 minutes in the sun each day to get the benefits of blue sunlight and vitamin D.
  2. Balanced Diet: Eat more vegetables and follow the principles of the Blue Zones lifestyle, which emphasizes plant-based foods and healthy eating habits.
  3. Tandem Eating: Combine sunlight exposure with balanced systematic eating for better results.
  4. Regular Exercise: Incorporate regular exercise into your routine to boost weight loss. Individuals over the age of 65 can reduce the possibility of dementia by 33% by merely walking three times per week.
  5. Intermittent Dieting: Consider intermittent dieting, such as taking a 2-week dieting break, to enhance weight loss. Shake up the routine to trigger a new energy boost.

By following these steps, you can take advantage of the therapeutic effects of sunlight, promote weight loss, and improve your overall health.


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