The Founder

Charmene Vega, known as Mama Vega, is an accomplished professional with a Master’s in Education, Nutrition, and Kinesiology. She started her journey at Boston University in Pre-Med and later graduated with honors from Winona State University. Mama Vega, hailing from New York, founded Mama Vega Enterprises in 1994, merging her medical knowledge, teaching expertise, and culinary skills. Surprisingly, she built a multi-million-dollar business without prior business knowledge or loans, thanks to her partner’s mentorship.

Her accomplishments extend to self-publishing six books, contributing recipes to magazines and newspapers, and expanding her brand through live presentations, a television show, a YouTube channel, podcasts, and various social media platforms. This evolution has given rise to the “Chew On This Dynasty.” Mama Vega is characterized by her compassion, selflessness, goal-oriented mindset, and dedication to justice.

She wears many hats, serving as a chef, dietician, author, and educator, and holding seven practitioner certifications. Her wellness and nutrition classes have gained recognition, and she’s been featured in Woman’s Day magazine and the Food Network’s Best. Her culinary talents graced events for the United States State Department Subcommittee on Health and Nutrition.

Beyond her professional roles, Mama Vega excels as a motivational speaker, mentor, advisor, and facilitator on UC Santa Barbara’s Women in Leadership Board. She’s currently involved in a case study titled “Winning Work-Life Balance.” Her platform is a means to advocate for the abused, neglected, sex-trafficked, and malnourished, both locally and globally.

As an international culinary sensation, Mama Vega touches the lives of children, parents, and teachers, with her impact reaching Kenya. The Mama Vega Neema Educational Center in Kenya is a testament to her global influence. Her efforts in Kenya have been recognized in the Kenyan newspaper, Mama Vega has collaborated with prominent brands like Nationwide, Northwestern Mutual, PowHER, Comeback Champion, Exposure Network TV, and LifeVantage.

Despite her busy schedule, she remains dedicated to community involvement through organizations like Business Network International, Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary, The Blue Zone Project Bakersfield, and her new membership with the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce as part of Rogee of Beverly Hills. Mama Vega’s mission is to inspire everyone to “Chew On This” and reflect on her wisdom.