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July 1, 2013

Chicken EnpHused Baked Potato


Chicken EnpHused Baked Potato

Chicken EnpHused Baked Potato

The idea for this recipe came from me destarching potatoes to make healthier French fries for my grandchildren and teaching a weight loss cooking class.

When soaking potatoes in water, the starch pulled out is replaced with water.  We know oil and water does not mix so the water acts as a barrier preventing the oil from penetrating into the potato.  This creates a crispy outside and soft interior French fry and  healthier potato for children lessening the neuron inhibitor effects especially in children with autism.

However, baked potato is a resistant starch food and good for losing weight because the body does not absorb the starch.  The key here to maximize this effect is to bake the potato and let it cool BEFORE eating.

Who wants to eat a dry baked potato? didn’t think you did, well nor do I.

Therefore, I applied the destarching principles I used in making French fries and ended up with a moist flavored baked potato that could be eaten cold and would aid in weight loss as well.




Roasted Chicken with Mama Vega Seasoning with a Purpose Poultry Seasoning

1. Roast a whole chicken using Mama Vega*s Seasoning with a Purpose Poultry Seasoning.


Knife Pricked Potatoes


2.  Prick potatoes with a knife all over

3.  Sprinkle each potato with sea salt (sea salt is not processed with corn, others are).

4. Put potatoes in a dish so they all fit flat

5.  cover with the chicken dripping created from the roasted chicken.


Potatoes Covered with Chicken Drippings

6.  If necessary add hot water that has been pre-seasoned with Mama Vega*s Seasoning with a Purpose Poultry Seasoning.


Potatoes Soaking in Chicken Stock

7.  Soak for at least four (4) hours.

8.  Remove potatoes from dish and place on a baking sheet.


Moist Baked Potato

9.  Bake in an oven preheated to  350 degrees for 90 minutes.

10.  Remove potatoes from oven and put in a covered dish.

11. Let cool.


Chicken EnpHused Baked Potato and salmon

12.  Eat alone or cut into cubes to make potato salad.


Remember eating after the potatoes have cooled promotes weight loss


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