Umbilical Cord Toxins… Brain Food

In posing the question, “What are brain foods?” to hundreds of individuals, Mama Vega discovered the typical response was things like: avocado, nuts and foods with omega-3 (flax seeds, salmon etc). This article is meant to provide you with an opportunity to connect the dots using deductive reasoning and evidenced-based information.

The first dot is: everything in your environment is food; the air you breathe, the foods you eat, the chemicals in your home (cleaning products, sprays), perfumes and lotions, soaps and everything you touch. Sixty-eight percent of all things you put on your skin are in your blood stream in less than 28 seconds. On the other hand it takes approximately an hour for liquids in your gut to reach your blood stream. Now, which one should you be most concerned about?

Second dot is: your blood stream does not stop at the neck, is your circulatory system and goes to your brain and every other organ throughout your body.

The third dot is: the pregnant female feeds the growing baby through the placenta and umbilical cord which is fed from the blood stream.

The fourth dot is: studies have found over 200 chemicals in the  umbilical cords of newborns.

The fifth dot is: there was a prevalence of these chemicals in minority babies.

The sixth dot is: more black babies are born premature or die than any other ethnic group

When connecting these few dots, Mama Vega suggests that a change in diet to eating more organic and the removal of toxic cleaning materials, nail products, hair products, soaps etc. can reverse these devastating conditions.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services “The Black Infant Health Program (BIH) provides service to American-born African-American women for the purpose of eliminating the disproportionate rate of African-American infant mortality. African-American women experience two-and-a-half times the rate of infant deaths than other racial and ethnic groups.”

Based on the scientific evidence, one might conclude that environmental toxins have a far greater impact on the human body and in the case being presented here, a greater negative impact on the brain, umbilical cord and developing baby feeding off the mother’s blood going into the feeding of the umbilical cord.

Should nutrition, eating organic, removing environmental toxins and education on these issues be included in “Black Lives Matter”? Mama Vega says, ABSOLUTELY!


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