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Erin J. Morgart stated, “ Charmene Vega, Mama Vega, your amazing creations are simply delicious and I see these going in some The GRAMMYs The Academy Emmys / Television Academy gifting swag bags. Everyone, stay tuned!”
                Recognizing Charmene Vega aka Mama Vega

“I am so pleased and honored to introduce to you via my Heyoka Girl and True Friend Linda B Vasquez the #amazing,…

Posted by Erin J. Morgart on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Award Winning Products by Mama Vega

2016 Awards

2016 Awards won in the first two months of this year by Charmene Vega who promotes healthy eating using local farm fresh ingredients. 

Show me the money and I will show you the disease!


Over five years ago and article was published in Scientific America (December 2011) confirming social behavior, money and disease are correlated and predictable. “The flow of dollar bills across the U.S. mirrors the movement of humans and viruses.”

The information scientists used was taken from the Where’s George project that tracks millions of dollar bills as they travel across the United States. In addition, there were other studies that tracked air and land patterns as well.

These studies were able to accurately predict where a flu would spread, “but they undercounted the number of people who would end up infected.

How and why should this be important to you?

Well, every day you touch money, shopping carts, door handles, menus, your steering wheel, hands of others and many other things both porous and nonporous.  Things that are invisible to the eye are left to be transmitted to you unknowingly. These transmitted particles are what you should  recognize as environmental toxins.

What are environmental toxins?

Environmental toxins are chemicals, bacteria, viruses and many other things in your environment that remain on the surface or travel through the air that can cause health problems and in many instances lead to an early demise.

What can you do to reduce the environmental toxins adversely impacting you?

no toxins



First, recognize they do exist and may not be able to be eliminated completely, but you can reduce the number that could adversely impact your health. Some of the suggestions here require additional explanations, but that will come in another posting.



Only A few suggestions:

  • Read labels to know what you are ingesting (orally or topically),
  • Wash your hands before and after touching foreign objects,
  • Keep your home free of dust, dirt and objects that can trap unwanted micro critters,
  • Replace  your air filters at least once a month (car and home),
  • Disinfect, but read the label, some disinfectants are toxic as well,
  • Wash  linen at least once a week, more if you get sick,
  • Shower immediately after being in crowds and wash those clothes,
  • Take your shoes off at your door and change into shoes worn only in your home.

Most importantly put plants in your home that assist with purifying air. NASA has conducted many studies and that too is another posting.


Scientific American “The machine that Would Predict the Future” David Weinberger, December 2011, pages 52-57

Where’s George?: The Trail of $1 Bills Across the U.S.