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Choices N* Nutrition

Choices N* Nutrition is about making informed, educated and processed decisions; better known as Choices. When YOU decide to do one thing or another, YOU make  Choices. Choices N* Nutrition is also about making  decisions or Choices in the Nutrition YOU choose to consume and/or absorb. Each time YOU choose to consume food, chemicals or breathe the air around you, You made a Choice N* Nutrition. According to  Medical News Today (www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/160774.php), “Nutrition, nourishment, or aliment, is the supply of materials – food – required by organisms and cells to stay alive.”

Now, when you stop and think about it from this point of view, everything you do, eat, breathe, brush your teeth, walk, exercise, think etc is directly related to and impacted by nutrition. All the Choices N* Nutrition you make can help or hinder your well-being and performance.

Your body is a vessel that houses components that need  lubricating and cleaning to keep working; just the same as your car or any other mechanical device or device with movable parts. Would you take care of something worth at approximately $250, 000.00.   Well, your body is worth just that (http://goo.gl/QD2IS)

The Author


Charmene Vega has been cooking and preparing meals from scratch without formal recipes since her pre-teen years. Her mother was a hemotologist throughout her childhood and teenage years.  She would call Charmene from work to tell her what to prepare for dinner. Then, her mother would call back to make sure things finished on time. The meals by today’s standards are gourmet and definitely not fast food. Some of the dishes were: bouillabaisse, fricassee chicken, paella and pepper steak with rice. Fish was every Friday fresh from the fish market. If you have ever prepared fresh, real fresh fish then you know this was no easy task. The head, insides and scales had to be taken care of and you had better know how to make sure the fish market sold you a real fresh fish. Her dad was a stickler to FRESH food. So much so that no other family members could prepare his meals other than Charmene or her mother. He was in the military and said he knew all about activities in  kitchens.  Little did Charmene know this would be the foundation for her career later in life.

Getting back to her mother, she comes from many generations of holistic nutritional healers which her mother joined the ranks of over thirty years ago after leaving her job as a hemotologist. She became a certified herbologist following in the foot steps of her mother, a Navajo healer.

Charmene began college at the age of 17 as a pre-med major at Boston University.  Initially focused on pediatrics. During her senior year she transferred to the University of Iowa after changing majors to special eduction. She quickly learned that blood, cutting and no sleep was not for her. However, the sciences and math has helped tremendously in her businesses.

Her instincts and intuitions along with the traditions and knowledge of using herbs for healing and preventative illness  handed down to Charmene is incorporated into her culinary skills. She combined these four fundamental skills with her applied experiences and results gained as a Learning Specialist for over thirty (30) years into the personalized programs she creates for her clients in Choices N*Nutrition.

Your Personalized Eating Program (PEP) is created specifically for you, only you and no one else. You are a unique individual and so is YOUR PEP.

One size does not fit all.