Pico de Gallo Salsa


A Taste of Home... One of a kind! Mama Vega's special blend of fresh vegetables using her Handcrafted family recipes has earned her Pico de Gallo Salsa national recognition on the Food Network in addition to taking first place in Woman's Day magazine and the Oxnard Salsa Festival. Every batch is made using the freshest locally sourced produce from our local farmers.

tomato; onion; cilantro; citric juices; spices

Mama Vega's award winning flagship salsa and original product was originally created as an ingredient and not solely to be used as a condiment. A serving of this salsa is a half cup just like any other fruit or vegetable. It is now a staple in so many homes that her customers hate to run out of it. The fact that there are not preservatives or additives is an added bonus, but the standard used in all Mama Vega's products. It does not break down in the cooking process, but keeps its chunkiness Such a versatile ingredient:; add to meatloaf; use as a dip with sour cream or yogurt; use to make a quiche; use as a topping on pizza; add to spaghetti sauce; mix in with stir fry vegetables; use to bake fish or chicken; etc

''First Place Pico de Gallo''
Oxnard Salsa Festival

''First Place Salsa''
Women's Day Magazine

''Classified as Vegetable, not Condiment''
Produce for Better Health Foundation

''Featured On Best of Food Network''
The Food Network Channel

Price: $11.75

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