Apple Mint


The apple tree originated in Central Asia. The original (heirloom) variety can still be found there today. Who knew? Apples contain protein. Preliminary research indicates apples may reduce the risk of some cancers (colon, prostate, lung). Apples have also been found to increase neurotransmitters making it a good brain food. Mama Vega has slow cooked seven varieties of apples producing this harmonious well balanced flavor combination. This unique proprietary formulation creates a synergistic self-preserving action without added preservatives or additives. Who Knew? The origins of mint seems to arise from Greece. In fact, ancient Greeks would rub mint on the dining table before their guests arrived as a means to welcome them. Mint has a calming effect just from smelling it. While injesting, it garners additional benefits of assisting with: soothes the stomach, anti-cancer, stopping the growth of many bacteria, neutralizing free radicals as well as a rich source of traditional nutrients (manganese, copper and vitamin-C).

apples; apple juice; organic sugar; chili peppers; aromatic spices

Yes, an apple a day is known to keep the doctor away and by adding the mint and chili, you get the added benefit of their known healing properties.

Price: $7.50

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